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PO Box 1729
Orlando, FL, 32802

Understory Creatives is a collection of creative individuals (writers, editors, designers) with the unique talents to bring each client’s voice or message into the world. We specialize in providing creative writing, editing and design services to nonprofits and the Christian market. Whether you are an individual with a book idea, a nonprofit looking for funding, or a Christian publisher seeking talented writers and editors, Understory Creatives exists to make sure your unique work is developed and released into the world.

our team


janay garrick | lead creative + owner

In first grade, Janay received her first award: “Best First Grade Storyteller” for a fairytale she wrote and published with a wallpaper cover. Later, in spite of her father’s promptings to study business at Pepperdine University, Janay studied Creative Writing. There, she began her first novel and the formal pursuit of what would later become a writing career. 

Today, she has worked on a wide range of creative projects, from writing Christian devotionals to creating children’s ministry leadership guides to blogging for high profile leaders. While completing her master’s degree at Fuller Theological Seminary, Janay served as the editor/creative director of the weekly campus magazine and as the co-editor of a creative anthology of poetry, prose, essay, art, and photography. Her background in elementary education, children’s ministry, and international missions compliments her current passion to upsource (elevate, beautify, raise the proverbial bar) for nonprofits and the Christian market. 

Oh, and two final things you should know: Janay likes the word creative and uses it a lot. She also loves helping clients remove these labels from their identities:

Unpublished writer.
Unnoticed creative.
Poor nonprofit. 


pam evans | writer extraordinaire 

Born and raised in Orlando, Pam graduated from Auburn University with a B.S. in Marketing. Pam is an adventurous soul with a voracious appetite for knowledge and a penchant for detail. Her writing endeavors include online articles, poems, marketing materials, editing and nonprofit experience. Weary of life in the city, Pam dreams of planting her nomadic roots and growing into a farmer.


   eliel rosario | design + style

Growing up, Eliel’s grandfather worked with an offset printer (read: old school printer) at home. Thus, Eliel says design and print work have been ingrained in him from the beginning, leading him to pursue a BFA in graphic design. These early childhood foundations later produced creativity and attention to detail in web and print design in both the private and nonprofit worlds. In addition to digital design, Eliel currently pursues industrial and product design and leatherwork.



   jessica wood | Artist(e)

Jessica experienced a childhood drenched in the rich foliage and startling sunlight of Papua New Guinea, a remote island in the Pacific. As a result, she feels most at home when surrounded by living things in their wildest states. She has a deep desire for contemplating and connecting with nature, while expressing its many facets of beauty through the visceral mediums of paint and pen. 


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