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PO Box 1729
Orlando, FL, 32802

Understory Creatives is a collection of creative individuals (writers, editors, designers) with the unique talents to bring each client’s voice or message into the world. We specialize in providing creative writing, editing and design services to nonprofits and the Christian market. Whether you are an individual with a book idea, a nonprofit looking for funding, or a Christian publisher seeking talented writers and editors, Understory Creatives exists to make sure your unique work is developed and released into the world.

what we can do for you

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writing + editing

Understory Creatives provides creative writing and editing services to a variety of clients from Christian publishing houses to nonprofits to fortune 500 corporations. Our creative writing and editing services include: 

books | ebooks | curriculum

Understory is experienced in book development, from the concept phase to the writing and creation of the final product. Our services include substantive editing (in-depth editing), copy editing, and proofreading. Our book projects include nonfiction, children’s fiction, adult fiction, theology, Christian devotionals, and more.

web | digital | online

Our online content writing services include SEO writing, web content writing, ghostblogging, copywriting, and feature writing (article writing).

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business + nonprofit

Understory is, you could say, nonprofit-friendly. We love passionate, wild-eyed nonprofits full of fire and vision. We’re particularly fond of nonprofits that are child-friendly, ecofriendly, and Jesus-friendly. Our services for businesses and nonprofits include:

Annual fund development plans

Blogging + social media management

Business plans

Email campaigns, enewsletters


Marketing plans

Missiological writing

Technical writing

Website content, SEO writing

White papers

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The Boat
branding + design

Understory Creatives believes that branding and design for nonprofits and the Christian market should be awesome. We like to think that we’re doing our small part in upping the ante, or, as we like to say here, upsourcing (elevating, beautifying, and raising the proverbial bar) in branding and design for nonprofits and the Christian market. Our branding and design services include:

Brand development, brand strategy

Corporate identities

Logo design

Promotional products


Social media management

Website design


the creative process

1 | Listening

Our creative process includes first and foremost listening to our clients. What do you want to create? What final product do you want to hold in your hands or view on your mobile phone or tablet?


2 | Defining

Next, we spend time clearly defining three things: 

  1. The Scope of Work also known as “the SOW” (not to be confused with an adult female swine) 
  2. The project deliverables
  3. The deadlines (which we lovingly refer to as “the deads”) 

This phase involves mutual agreements so that we can all start off on the same page, knowing where we’re going and how we’re going to get there.


3 | Creating

Next, we begin the creative process. (Ta-dah!) Understory starts creating your deliverables for you and delivering them to you in manageable pieces. We like to avoid “the overwhelm” -- that feeling that comes upon us when facing a mountain-sized project. At this point, you’ll provide us with invaluable feedback in the form of your thoughts, opinions, etcetera. Is Understory headed in the right direction? Is this deliverable what you envisioned? We highly value our clients’ honest feedback. Have no fear in speaking your mind here.


4 | Revising 

Depending on your deliverables, the revision process can go through one to three phases until a beautiful, finished product is created. In this phase, we persevere, and quite patiently.


our pricing

Understory Creatives is a member of the Editorial Freelancers Association. We use their standards, rates, and best practices as guidelines for our services and fees.  We do give nonprofit organizations special consideration when determining pricing.


our clients

American Bible Society  
Assist Management Consulting  
Crisis Care Training International  
Deidox Films
Del Camino Connection
Downtown Credo
Empowered Living  


Florida Symphony Youth Orchestra
Fuller Theological Seminary
Hudson Bibles  
I Want To Help
New Life Home Trust
One Purse 
Passport Camps 

clients speak 

"Whenever we have a need for clear and creative writing, whether it's a film proposal, synopsis or general content, we always contact Janay first. Her ability to concisely and beautifully capture the essence of our projects is a huge asset. Because of her skills, we have been able to effectively communicate our vision to our donors and customers. We consider her a valuable member of our team and an integral part of our success."

 Dave Mahanes, Co-Founder + President, Deidox Films


“Janay is a remarkably talented person. She is very smart, a gifted editor, and thinks ahead on projects. We've worked together on many projects and will continue to do so on many more.”

 Chris Hudson, Owner, Hudson Bibles


"Janay is bright, intuitive, empathetic, and articulate. I have worked with her as the subject of a feature and as a writer of features as well. Through this process we have become friends. I recommend her highly."

— Lauralee Farrer, Senior Editor, Fuller Theological Seminary


“Janay and I worked together on several writing projects for Pioneers. Janay once told me that for her, writing is like breathing, it just comes naturally. It is true. Janay is a beautiful, articulate writer. Janay is also a proficient editor. I would send Janay my work for editing and what she sent back was a beautiful masterpiece.”  

– Tami Snowden, RedCard Director + Advocate for Children in Crisis, Pioneers


“Janay was great at any writing task we handed her. She has fantastic organizational skills and  her grant writing incorporates critical thinking and program development insight. In one of the  projects we hired her for, she was able to track program management and progress.”

– Yvette-Janine Pardo, Owner, Assist Management Consulting



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