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PO Box 1729
Orlando, FL, 32802

Understory Creatives is a collection of creative individuals (writers, editors, designers) with the unique talents to bring each client’s voice or message into the world. We specialize in providing creative writing, editing and design services to nonprofits and the Christian market. Whether you are an individual with a book idea, a nonprofit looking for funding, or a Christian publisher seeking talented writers and editors, Understory Creatives exists to make sure your unique work is developed and released into the world.

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who we are


           a place of refuge for migrating songbirds; the story that undergirds every story; your story



Imagine a rainforest. Somewhere in between blue sky, tree canopy, and the low-lying ferns of the forest floor, you'll find the understory. Within the understory, you'll find birds of unimaginable color and feather. 

Organizations and people, like birds, 
have unique calls and voices. 

Is your organization in need of skilled digital, marketing, and creative professionals? Are you looking to hire technical writers, outsource marcom services or your marketing communications needs?  

Understory Creatives, LLC is a dynamic team of communications professionals serving the high tech industry, as well as nonprofit and faith-based organizations. We specialize in providing creative writing, editing, and design services to a diverse range of clients.

Here, we are not scared of technical writing—or of any type of writing, really.

So, whether you are a high tech enterprise seeking B2B technical writing services, an author seeking a stand-out author website, or a nonprofit seeking grant writers, Understory Creatives can help you release your work into the world.

Janay is one of the best technology writers that I have ever worked with. At Adobe, she helped me to develop some leading edge thought leadership related to mobile marketing technology including location beacons, augmented reality and in-app messaging. Janay rapidly absorbed the research that I provided and created blogs that captured my voice and perspective on mobile marketing. Most recently at Acxiom, I hired Janay to develop eBooks and blogs for marketing solutions related to omnichannel personalization, data management platforms and consumer data. Again, she quickly mastered the complicated subject matter and developed long form assets that were used to fuel demand generation for Acxiom. B2B high tech companies should definitely consider hiring Janay for their most challenging writing projects.
— Ray Pun, Research Director, Gartner


American Bible Society  
Assist Management Consulting
Britt Tisdale
CloudPulse Strategies 
Crisis Care Training International  
Deidox Films
Del Camino Connection
Downtown Credo
Empowered Living  
Florida Symphony Youth Orchestra
Fuller Theological Seminary
Hudson Bibles
I Want To Help
National Positions
New Life Home Trust
One Purse
Passport Camps
Thomas Nelson
Trauma Healing Institute
Trax Foundation
The Daily Positive
World Vision


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